rash1 «rash», adjective, adverb.
1. too hasty and careless; reckless; taking too much risk: »

It is rash to cross the street without looking both ways.

SYNONYM(S): impetuous.
2. characterized by undue haste: »

a rash promise, a rash remark.

3. Obsolete. quick and strong in action: »

rash gunpowder (Shakespeare).

Obsolete. in a rash manner; rashly: »

Why do you speak so startlingly and rash? (Shakespeare).

[Middle English rasch quick, probably < Middle Dutch, or Middle Low German, fast, quick, nimble]
rash´ly, adverb.
rash´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective. 1, 2 Rash, reckless mean acting or speaking without due care or thought. Rash emphasizes being in too great a rush, speaking hastily or plunging into action without stopping to think: »

Only a rash person would have rushed into the burning house to save some clothes.

Reckless emphasizes being without caution, acting carelessly without paying attention to possible consequences of what one does or says: »

The dog was killed by a reckless driver.

rash2 «rash», noun.
1. the act or fact of breaking out with many small red spots on the skin. Scarlet fever causes a rash.
2. Informal, Figurative. an outbreak: »

a rash of investigations, a rash of letters. A few years ago the popular press broke out with a…rash of editorials scolding American novelists for the way they were portraying their native country (Harper's).

[< Old French rasche, and rasque scurf, scurvy; see etym. at rascal (Cf.rascal)]
rash3 «rash», noun.
Scottish. rush (the plant).

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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